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Damen Hit

Damen Hit

Stallion performance test winner with Damhirsch as grandsire

Date of birth1996
Height168 cm
Stud fee350,- €
p.p. frozen semen
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Pedigree Damenstolz × Feuerschein I × Renaldo × Grünspecht

Damenstolz Damhirsch Duft I
Cyklame Cyrus
St.Pr. Eroika
Frauke Feuerschein I Frühlingstraum II
St.Pr. Situla
Vb.Pr. Ricca Renaldo
Gräfin v. Grünspecht


Damen Hit was an impressively built stallion, who convinced with first-class basic gaits, the best rideability values as well as perfect willingness to work. In 2000 he was sovereign winner at his stallion performance test in the Austrian horse center Stadl-Paura, where he received an extraordinary dressage index of 143 points. Unfortunately Damen Hit died in 2015 at the age of 19.

Originating from the „Lordsiegelbewahrer“ of Damhirsch genes, Damenstolz, a highly modern and very elegantly built stallion, Damen Hit’s paternal line goes back over Duft I to the great Celle sire Duellant, who revolutionized especially the dressage sport after the Second World War. Damhirsch, schooled all the way up to Grand Prix, had been operating with a beneficial effect in Westphalia for a long time.

When bred to different sires, the dam Frauke delivered many successful offspring. She originates from Feuerstein I, who produced several first-class dressage horses including Fabienne/Isabell Werth. The granddam Ricca delivered the licensed stallion Boston (private stallion Bavaria) by Bartok. Her sire Renaldo was one of the most proven sires of Westphalian breeding in the 70s and 80s. Dressage or show jumping – Renaldo’s numerous offspring dominated both at the highest level.

The Westphalian dam line is based on the mare Henny (by Hartmann-Nebelstern) and known for the licensed stallions Contract (state stud Moritzburg), Dergel (private stallion Westph.), Douglas (state stud Warendorf), Painted Boy (private stallion Bavaria) and Remington (private stallion Westph.).

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  • Achievements in medium (M) level dressage classes


  • Achievements in elementary (L) level dressage classes
1999 - 2005:
  • Serial winner in tests for young riding horses

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Approved for

Westphalia, Oldenburg (OL), Rhineland, Baden-Württemberg, Bavarian, Brandenburg-Anhalt, Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar, Sachsen-Thüringen

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