Gestüt Bonhomme


Model student with top character

ColorLiver Chestnut
Date of birth2014
Height172 cm
Stud fee250,- €
+ 700,- € if the mare is certified in foal (by 1.10.)
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Pedigree Dimaggio × Jazz Time × Escudo I × Rabino

Dimaggio Don Primero Donnerhall
Winnipeg World Cup I
St. Pr. Femme Jazz Jazz Time Jazz
St. Pr. Escade Escudo I
Romera v. Rabino


In the course of the Hanoverian licensing in Verden, this eye-catcher became the celebrated Premium Stallion and darling of the audience. Dimagico impressed with his strong type and ingenuity of movements as well as his special liver chestnut color that gave him that certain something. His highly interesting pedigree offers an exciting alternative of blood.

The Premium Stallion convinces with three outstanding basic gaits. He is captivating through his especially supple, elastic and fluent action of movements combined with always engaged hindquarters as well as high knee action and enormous freedom of shoulder. Under the saddle this lovely liver chestnut stallion scores with natural balance. Furthermore, he stands out with his incredible strength of nervs. At all times, this stallion presented a first-class walk right from the very first step.

In sport Dimagico inspired with serial wins in medium (M) level tests for young dressage horses in 2020. He qualified with ease for the Bundeschampionat of six-year-old dressage horses and shone on the silver rank in his first medium (M**) class. Already in 2019 Dimagico gave impressively proof of his sports talents taking the bronze medal at the Hanoverian championship in Verden, ranking fifth among a group of strong competitors in the international Youngster Tour at the Whitsun horse show in Wiesbaden and placing first in further competitions several times.

In his 14-day test Dimagico fascinated especially with his excellent rideability, scoring 9.25. For walk, character and willingness to perform he receiveda 9.0 each. In total, Dimagico finished with a score of 8.19 with emphasis on dressage. He also passed both sport tests in Verden sovereignly. In his second sport test he was celebrated as the reserve champion of his age group.

Dimagico’s crops exceeded all expectations. Distinguished with noblesse, modern long legs and enormous quality of movements many of his offspring became elite foals rightaway. Dimagico’s foals, too, present themselves with a certain coolness, strength of character and the gentleness inherited by their sire.

His sire Dimaggio, who unfortunately died in 2015, is one of the most significant sons and heirs of the precious D-blood. In 2000, Dimaggio was celebrated World Champion of five year old dressage horses. In his sports career, this stallion, who was an extremely modern and impressively moving horse at his time, collected many achievements up to Inter I-classes. Over 60 offspring compete successfully in advanced classes, about 25 sons are licensed.

The dam’s sire Jazz Time inspires with a highly successful career in sport. At first, he was introduced to the advanced sport by Lisa Wilcox, catching attention due to his bronze rank in the final of the Nürnberger Burg Trophy. Then, Jazz Time celebrated many Grand Prix successes. Jazz Time, born in 1995, embodied, as one of the first ones, a breeding revolution due to the pairing of Dutch genes from Jazz with proven German blood lines such as Romadour II, sire of Double Olympic Champion Rembrandt (Nicole Uphoff).

In third generation Escudo I, who is especially known as trademark stallion in breeding of show jumpers, rounds the pedigree. Beside countless successful show jumpers, Escudo I, who stands for a beautiful type and quality of movements, produced five offspring competing successfully in advanced (S) dressage classes.

Dimagico comes from the Hanoverian dam line of Narenta. This line is well known for numerous licensed stallions and international sport horses, who are successful all the way up to the highest levels.

WFFS status: positive (carrier)

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  • victorious S* level dressage, 72,895 %, Neustadt/Dosse
  • 2nd place St. Georg Special, 72,033 %, Neustadt/Dosse
  • 2nd place M** level dressage, 72,207 %, Neustadt/Dosse
  • victorious S* level dressage, 8,0, Pausin
  • victorious M* level, 8,3, Pausin
  • 7th place qualification for the Nürnberger Burgpokal final, 71,073 %, Mannheimer Maimarktturnier
  • victorious Prix St. Georges, 71,098 %, Buchholz
  • victorious M** level dressage, 71,275 %, Buchholz
  • 4th place S* level dressage, score of 7.9, Pausin
  • 4th place M* level dressage, score of 7.6, Pausin


  • victorous M level test for young horses, score of 8.0, qualified for the Bundeschampionat of 6y. old dressage horses, Moritzburg
  • 2nd place M** level test, 69,559 %, Moritzburg
  • victorious M level test for young horses, Neustadt/Dosse
  • 5th place M level test for young horses, score of 8.0, Essen-Herbergen
  • victorious in his first M level test, Wartenberg-Angersbach


  • Bronze medal in the Hanoverian championships for five year old dressage horses, Verden
  • victorious in the qualifier for the Bundeschampionat with a total score of 8.3, Verden
  • qualified for the Bundeschampionat with a total score of 8.3, Redefin
  • 2nd place in his sport test in Verden with a total score of 8.06
  • 2nd place L level test for young horses
  • victorious in novice (A) level test for young dressage horses with a score of 8.5


  • successful sport test in Verden
  • victorious in novice (A) level test for young dressage horses with a score of 8.5


  • successful 14-day test: final score with emphasis on dressage: 8.19 (rideability: 9.25, walk: 9.0, character: 9.0, constitution 9.0, willingness to perform: 9.0)


  • Premium Stallion at the Hanoverian licensing

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Approved for

Hanover, Oldenburg (OL), Westphalia, Southern German studbooks, Rhineland, Poland, Bavarian, Brandenburg-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen-Thüringen

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