Gestüt Bonhomme



As from 2022, Bonhomme Stud Farm is being supplemented to incorporate Bonhomme Vet Services GmbH, in order to have its own Specialist Department for Equestrian Medicine. Besides caring for the stud farm’s own horses, Mikolaj Bak, Veterinary Surgeon, will take on the gynaecological care of our guest mares, as well as all services concerning the health of your horse. Following consultation, we can also function as an external practice.

Please contact us at: Mikolaj Bak: 0176 – 46730326.

Brand new, fully modern equipment compliant with the highest technical standard enables an exact diagnosis and targeted treatment.

Besides Reproductive Medicine, the range of services of Bonhomme Vet Services GmbH covers any services usual in the external practice, such as examinations conducted upon purchase and sale, Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics, Opthalmology, Dentistry, Endoscopy and Foal Medicine.

Especially important to us is the professional competence in caring for your horse in close consultation with you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will in particular be happy to advise you in regard to the gynaecological care of your mare who has been inseminated by a Bonhomme stallion. Even if you do not live in the catchment area of our external practice, we will be happy to advise you, free of charge, by telephone on all topics concerning the fertility of your mare.

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