Gestüt Bonhomme


Bonhomme Stud Farm was founded by Evelyn Gutman in 1987, and its beginnings go back to an idyllic farmstead in Bramsche, near Osnabrück. As, due to the growing stock of horses, the facility became too small, in 2005 the stud farm changed its location from Lower Saxony to Brandenburg.

The facility is to be found in the north of Werder, surrounded by woods, extensive meadows and the scenic Havel lakeland. Located in the direct vicinity of the “Markish Golf Club”, the area offers first-class opportunities for sports and leisure activities, equally attracting a national and international public.

The architecture of a self-supporting hall wing with two tower-like extensions in an integral structure that is extraordinary for an equestrian centre fits in well with the natural landscape. The functional outdoor areas with their natural grandstands and numerous terrain elevations flow seamlessly into one another, and thus complete the harmonious overall impression.

The facility contains a heated events pavilion with approx. 900 seats, and a 30 m x 70 m riding area, and – due to its columns, stucco adornments and oversized wooden doors – is visually reminiscent of Vienna’s “Spanish Riding School”. Via a covered connecting corridor, you reach the warm-up area, 30 m x 40 m in size. The hall wing is framed by 60 roomy horse boxes. The 30-hectare site, besides countless meadows and stallion paddocks, accommodates three riding areas. In the centre, equestrians will find the 30 m x 70 m dressage arena, framed by a natural grandstand for some 3,000 spectators, along with a further dressage arena of 20 m x 60 m, as well as a kidney-shaped jumping arena set up, with an ebb and flow system.

Broodmares, foals and young horses, as well as the older animals, enjoy their existence where they are free to move about in exercise pens with directly adjoining meadows. The retired sires of the stud farm live in their own area that has been especially set up for them, with roomy paddock boxes.

We look forward to your visit!

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Bonhomme Open vom 20.-22.Juni 2014 auf Gestüt Bonhomme in Werder
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