Gestüt Bonhomme


In 1987 Evelyn Gutman founded Bonhomme Stud Farm on an idyllic farmstead in Bramsche, near Osnabrück. Between then and now there have been decades of breeding, successes, but also setbacks, a great deal of experience and a changeover of generations – however, the actual reason for founding this stud farm has never been forgotten: Keeping the horses in appropriate conditions and gentle training and promotion of the horses, especially in relation to their age – out of respect for living things.

An important point for us is the conditions in which we keep our stud stallions and sports horses. For us, it goes without saying that our horses are all exercised 2 – 3 times per day. Besides being trained under the guidance of the rider, our sires and sports horses enjoy their daily freedom. Bonhomme Stud Farm offers a large number of grass and sand paddocks, as well as meadows, which offer adequate space for the recreational pleasure of all our horses.

Bonhomme Stud Farm moreover places great importance on training each horse appropriately, and according to its age. The controversy on convolute horses’ necks, questionable training methods and unsightly pictures of tournaments and horse shows around the world is currently the topic of heated debate. The opinion of the Gutman family and its employees on such topics is clear. We are happy to quote you a sentence in this respect, which we found on the website of Michael Klimke, the son of the horse-riding legend Dr. Reiner Klimke: “Where violence begins, art ends!”

We – Bonhomme Stud Farm – stand for classic horsemanship. We give the horses time to develop in line with their age. And we take the time to promote their natural inclinations, without using force. Only in this way do the horses become partners for the humans, remain healthy and are they able to perform to a great age. The number of our elderly stallions who still enjoy each day, in a fit and happy condition, speaks for itself.

It is sad that many people do not have this time or are not prepared to take the time, and in the process, forget the animal – for whatever reason, whether they were looking for rapid success in sports or for financial reasons. We are convinced that long-term success is only attained through good, solid work, and the latter also takes time and patience.

Etienne Beudant, a French master of classic equestrianism in the late 19th century, coined the beautiful sentence which perfectly sums up the philosophy of Bonhomme Stud Farm. “Require little, repeat often and praise the horse a lot”. The philosophy of appropriate training of our horses in line with their age, accompanied by respect and esteem, is lived by us every day.

We nonetheless do not, in the process, lose sight of the requirements of sport. It is just that we tend to view riding from a somewhat different perspective.

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