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Especially important to us is the professional competence in caring for your horse in close consultation with you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will in particular be happy to advise you in regard to the gynaecological care of your mare who has been inseminated by a Bonhomme stallion. Even if you do not live in the catchment area of our external practice, we will be happy to advise you, free of charge, by telephone on all topics concerning the fertility of your mare.

Our breeders have the opportunity to make use of our expertise, and have their mare inseminated at the insemination station of Bonhomme Stud Farm. Guest boxes are available for this purpose. Naturally, your horse can have daily freedom on a paddock, upon request. The expert and loving care of your mare comes just as natural to us as does professional gynaecological care. We are pleased to be able to offer our breeders the following flat rates for insemination with immediate effect:

  • Flat rate for insemination per mare/steed when using a stallion resident at Bonhomme Stud Farm: EUR 180.00 plus VAT
  • Flat rate for insemination per mare/steed when using a non-resident stallion, i.e. one not from our stud farm: EUR 360.00 plus VAT

The flat rates for insemination specified here apply exclusively to the use of fresh semen. Any further treatment which may be necessary will be charged for separately upon consultation.

Please discuss all the details with us, as well as the ideal point in time to bring your mare, with our team looking after the mare stable: Anna Fano: 0178 – 2758233.

  • Guest mare boarding per mare/day, without foals: EUR 15.00 incl. VAT
  • Guest mare boarding per mare/day, with foals: EUR 18.00 incl. VAT

Once the veterinary finding of a successful pregnancy exists, the daily rate is increased to EUR 30.00 or EUR 36.00 incl. VAT, respectively.

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