Gestüt Bonhomme
Cadeau Noir

Cadeau Noir

A model of a winner

Date of birth2010
Height171 cm
Stud fee350,- €
+ 1.050,- € if the mare is certified in foal plus VAT
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Pedigree Christ × De Niro × Calypso II × Graf Fackel Z

Christ Competent Compliment
Paloma Picard
St.Pr. Delicia De Niro Donnerhall
C‘est La Vie Calypso II
Gräfin Galina v. Graf Fackel Z


Cadeau Noir impresses with a striking charisma as well as powerful action of movements. Due to his towering presence as sire and athlete he embodies a model of both a significant stallion and sport horse.

Cadeau Noir established himself sovereignly in the royal class of dressage sport. He celebrated wins in Grand Prix classes several times. His international performance record leaves no doubt that this impressive black is simply made for the grand dressage arena. For starting his career, Cadeau Noir chose the Nürnberg Burg Trophy, Germany’s most prestigious series for young dressage horses. In its final he took the bronze medal. And in the following freestyle final Cadeau Noir took sovereignly the winner’s ribbon with a phenomenal score of 9.5 in the sold-out festival hall.

Cadeau Noir completed his 30-day test with an exemplary result: with scores up to 9.0 for the basic gaits he also convinced all down the line in view of rideability and character. As second placed in the total dressage result with a final score of  8.43 he went past the group of competitors including two champion stallions effortlessly.

The crops of this stallion created several sensations: Numerous Premium and Champion Foals were awarded throughout Germany. Twice he sired the price highlights at the Elite Foal Auction in Verden. Regularly, Cadeau Noir’s offspring attracted a lot of attention at Elite Foal Auctions. Cadeau Noir distinguishes his foals with a strikingly beautiful type as well as first-class action of movement with exemplary forward thrust.

In total, Cadeau Noir sired four licensed sons including the ZfdP champion stallions Colany C and Classico Deluxe C. Cadeau Noir’s first offspring inspire already under the saddle with victories in tests for young dressage horses. Cadeau Noir presented his daughter Candy Noir as Bundeschampion of six-year-old coach horses and currently very successful on S level. Cadeau Noir’s foals are typically distinguished by a beautiful type as well as first-class movements with energetic hindquarters.

His sire Christ positioned himself among esteemed sires with 18 licensed sons. Christ was second reserve Champion Stallion in the group of stallions with emphasis on the dressage at the Hanoverian licensing in Verden in 2007 and finished his 30-day test with top scores. In the meantime, Christ competes highly successful in dressage up to Prix St. Georg.

The breeding of his dam, State Premium Mare Delicia, is very interesting too. Here, the sire-legends De Niro – Donnerhall on the paternal side meet Calypso II – Cor de la Bryère on the maternal side. The dam and her both daughters, who are both sired by Christ, were awarded premiums as mare family on the occasion of the Herwart-von-der-Decken Show in 2013. Cadeau Noir’s half brothers Nymphenburgs Finest Ampere by Ampere as well as Influencer by Asgard’s Ibiza are also licensed. Cadeau Noir’s mare line originates from a venerable and very successful Thoroughbred line, which can evenbe traced back to the 17th century.

Cadeau Noir is homozygous for dark colour.

WFFS status: negative (NON carrier)

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  • victorious U25-Grand Prix, 73,420 %, qualification Piaff-Förderpreis, DOKR Warendorf
  • 5th place international Grand Prix Freestyle, 71,833 %, U25 Tour Weltcup Herning/DEN
  • victorious S***-dressage, 70,854 %, Vreschen-Bokel
  • victorious international Grand Prix, 72,761 %, CDI3* Neustadt/Dosse
  • victorious international Grand Prix Special, 70,426 %, CDI3* Neustadt/Dosse
  • victorious Grand Prix, 70,980 %, Dressurfestival Neustadt/Dosse
  • victorious Grand Prix, 73,733 %, Stubben-Brunshausen
  • 3rd place international Grand Prix, 69,873 %, CDI3* Herning, Denmark
  • 8th place international Grand Prix Special, 69,612 %, CDI-W Neumünster
  • 2nd place Grand Prix, 73,267 %, Redefin
  • 3rd place Grand Prix, 72,520 %, Schenefeld
  • 3rd place Grand Prix Special, 72,778 %, Schenefeld
  • 2nd place Grand Prix, 73,720 %, Görlitz
  • 2nd place Grand Prix, 73,647 %, Görlitz
  • 7th place international Grand Prix Special, 69,043 %, CDI3* Herzlake
  • victorious Grand Prix, 70,400 %, Rastede
  • victorious Intermediaire II (S***-dressage), 72,325 %, Rastede
  • 3rd place Grand Prix Special, 71,503 %, Redefin
  • 3rd place Grand Prix, 71,833 %, Redefin
  • 2nd place Intermediaire II (S*** level), 71,895 %, Verden
  • 3rd place Intermediaire II (S*** level), 73, 421 %, Vechta
  • 6th place Kurz-Grand-Prix, Louisdor-Preis Finalqualifikation, 70,302 %, Verden
  • 3rd place qualifier for the Louisdor-Preis Finalqualifikation, 71,684 %, Verden
  • victorious Intermediaire II (S*** level), 71, 886 %, Stubben-Brunshausen
  • victorious Intermediaire A (S***level), 70,439 %, Stubben-Brunshausen
  • victorious Kurz-Grand-Prix (S***level), 72,763 %, Zeven
  • victorious in the freestyle of the final of NÜRNBERGER BURGPOKAL, 9.5, Frankfurter Festhalle
  • 3rd place in the final of NÜRNBERGER BURGPOKAL, 75,537 %, Frankfurter Festhalle
  • victorious in both Prix St.Georges, 75,789 %, Kreuth
  • presented the champion stallion for the ZfdP Kreuth: Classico Deluxe C by  Cadeau Noir - Blickpunkt
  • presented premium stallion Confess Color by Cadeau Noir - Licosto - Damsey for the Hanoverian licensing, sold for 1.890.000 Euro at the auction
  • victorious in Prix St. Georges freestyle, 80,000 %, Guxhagen-Dörnhagen
  • victorious in Prix St. Georges Special, 77,073 %, Guxhagen-Dörnhagen
  • victorious in the qualification of NÜRNBERGER BURGPOKAL, 74,366 %, Wintermühle Neu-Anspach
  • 2nd place qualification NÜRNBERGER BURGPOKAL, 74,366 %, Werder
  • 2nd place Intermediaire I, international show "Pfingstturnier Wiesbaden"
  • champion of Berlin-Brandenburg with Lena Waldmann, indoor championships for dressage riders (Prix St. Georges, Intermediaire I)
  • victorious in Intermediare I, 71,754 %, Berlin-Brandenburg chamionships, Tremsdorf
  • victorious in Prix St. Georges, 71,754 %, Berlin-Brandenburg chamionships, Tremsdorf
  • 2nd place in a dressage test at advanced (S) level, Potsdam-Uetz
  • victorious in Prix St. Georges, Braunschweig
  • victoroius at the K+K-Cup Münster
  • victorious in Prix St. Georges
  • 2nd place in Prix St. Georges
  • 2nd place in a dressage test at advanced (S) level
  • placed with the best in medium (M) level tests for young dressage horses
  • again numerous price highlights at the Elite Foal Auction in Verden
  • sired the winning stallion at Zfdp in Kreuth
  • numerous price highlights at the Elite Foal Auction in Verden
  • victorious in elementary (L) level tests for young dressage horses
  • qualified for the Bundeschampionat of five-year old dressage horses
  • placed with the best in elementary (L) level tests for young dressage horses
  • high placings in novice (A) level tests for young dressage horses
  • several victories in tests for young riding horses
  • 30-day test in Moritzburg: Reserve Champion in the overall index dressage with a final score of 8.43 and a breeding value of 137 points with scores up to 9.0 for basic gaits, rideability and character

Approved for

Hanover, Oldenburg (OL), Westphalia, Southern German studbooks, Rhineland, Poland, Baden-Württemberg, Bavarian, Brandenburg-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar, Sachsen-Thüringen

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