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Reserve Champion Stallion with striking quality of movements

Date of birth2018
Height171 cm
Stud fee350,00 €
+ 750,- € if the mare ist certified in foal plus VAT
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Pedigree Foundation × Wynton × Ferro × De Niro

Foundation Fidertanz Fidermark
Reine Freude
Donna Doria De Vito
Gwendolyn Wynton Jazz
Vienna Ferro
Annabel v. De Niro


Motive Power, an impressive appearance as well as an athletic energy at its finest let every spectator’s heart beat faster. Fiancé inspires with the very best quality of movements and a really special, distinctive charisma. Additionally, he is distinguished with an undaunted, lovely character as well as first-class rideability and willingness to work.

At the Oldenburg saddle licensing Fiancé became the celebrated reserve champion stallion. Fiancé proves his special quality in the show ring. He’s victorious up to youngster L level tests. In 2021 Fiancé finished a very good 50-day test in Adelheidsdorf. Therewith, a lifelong registration in the stallion book (Hengstbuch I) is guaranteed.

Fiancé embodies clearly the special: An extraordinary mechanic of movements, powerful push-off, freedom of shoulders, carrying power and extremely energetic hindquarters distinguish his trot that is close to perfection. Not less spectacular is the canter of this young eye-catcher: His canter is of a distinct uphill and round quality and marked by lightness of the forehand and engagement of the hindquarters, that leaves nothing to be desired. It’s the same in view of his walk: His strides are even with a clear four-beat sequence. Always relaxed, regular and ground-covering. Therewith, Fiancé completes perfectly the profile of three very good basic gaits.

Fiancé also attracts with his positive attitude under the saddle. Always eager and willing to work, he is very focussed on the rider and braves confidently all external influences. Simple, uncomplicated handling and his lovely character make Fiancé being everyone’s favourite in the stable.

The first crop of Fiancé inspires with powerful elastic movements. Distinguished with an excellent mechanic of movements and driving power of the hindlegs, Fiancé’s foals are seen as promising dressage prospects for the future.

Fiancé originates from an absolutely exquisite blood composition with a clear focus on the international top sport. The first four generations are defined by Grand Prix-successful sires: His sire Foundation represented Germany under Matthias Alexander-Rath in Nations Cups and celebrated also numerous Grand Prix achievements, including the participation in the prestigious final round of the Louisdor Trophy.

Wynton, another Grand Prix-star, can be found in second generation. Under Madeleine Witte-Vrees he placed, among others, in World Cup qualifiers and further international Grand Prix as well as Grand Prix Special classes. Wynton’s offspring, too, collect already ribbons for victories in Grand Prix classes at international sports venues.

Through sire-legend Ferro Olympic merits can be found in third generation of Fiancé’s noble pedigree. At the 2000’ Olympic Games in Sydney Ferro took silver under Coby van Baalen for the Dutch team, being a steady member of the team for years. In breeding, Ferro made himself immortal through top stallions such as Negro, Metall or Rousseau as well as sports heroes like European team champion Glock’s Undercover/E. Gal (NED).

In fourth generation follows the German exceptional sire De Niro. Grand prix winnings on his sports record and heredity power of superlatives on his breeding record characterize this genius. Due to the time-proven Romancier and the two Thoroughbreds Troublemaker xx and Courville xx the breeding couldn’t hardly be better as it is as modern dressage pedigree.

On the dam’s side Fiancé’s line of ancestors is brilliant, too. The dam, Gwendolyn, celebrated sport successes in dressage up to Prix St. Georges under Fiancé’s breeder Mariette van’t Hoff in the Netherlands.

The granddam Vienna produced the well-known KWPN champion stallion Le Formidable as well as the licensed Four Legends/Marieke van der Putten (NED), who placed fourth and sixth in the WC finals of young dressage horses in Ermelo in 2016 and in Verden in 2015.

Great granddam of Fiancé is Elite mare Annabel. She is no less than the dam of the successful sire Bretton Woods, who took the bronze medal at the 2011’WC of young dressage horses and is, meanwhile, internationally victorious up to Inter I-classes under Matthias Alexander Rath. Another son of Annabel is the licensed, internationally Grand Prix successful stallion President’s Chagall D&R/Patrick van der Meer (NED).

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  • victorious L level test for young horses, Tremsdorf
  • 2nd place L level test for young horses, Darmstadt
  • successful 50 day test in Adelheidsdorf
  • Reserve Champion of the Oldenburg Saddle Licensing (Ib-premium)

Approved for

Oldenburg (OL), Hanover, Westphalia, Southern German studbooks, Rhineland

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